Volvo Trucks Price, Volvo Trucks, Greenlots to provide EV charging infrastructure in Southern California

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Volvo Trucks Price, Volvo Trucks, Greenlots to provide EV charging infrastructure in Southern California-Green, a lot of software and payment solutions for electric cars, announced a partnership with Volvo Trucks to provide infrastructure charging for electric car stores in Southern California.

This project was designed as part of a public-private partnership with the California Air Force Board (CARB). CARB Insured $ 44.8 Million Air Quality Management on the South Coast Area (SCAQMD) The Volvo project has a minor impact on transport solutions (Lights). Within the framework of the project Green Lot of trading infrastructure for heavy and light loads of rest, battery for integrated solar energy storage and distribution management software on board Green A lot of trouble spot. The first Volvo electric truck in North America.

All project bikes, including Tier 2 and 150 kW speedboat loaders, work on the software platform Green A lot of SKY Enterprise’s open management fleet’s Volvo charging station and charging points storage systems, Interfaces will also be Volvo Trucks integrated to give truck drivers a complete overview of the availability and load of their vehicles .

Volvo Trucks Price

“The benefits of electrification of medium and heavy fleets are huge, but the energy for charging these large vehicles is as important,” says Brett Hauser, General Manager Green Lot. “A unique solution for fleet managers to avoid the lowest total cost through energy consumption management to ensure high energy costs and network administrators with the need to safely integrate electric cars and renewable energy networks.”

“This is a great opportunity to show the end point of electrification opportunities,” says Peter Voorhoeve, Volvo Trucks North America. “Whether it comes to solar energy recovery for our customers, electric cars or other electric batteries, this project provides experience and valuable information about the entire chain.” Value “.