Truck Rear Window Guard, Vintage Harvest Trucks Still Getting the Job Done!


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Truck Rear Window Guard, Vintage Harvest Trucks Still Getting the Job Done!-With every drop through major aircraft, decades, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ford and heavy trucks, I woke up a month of sleep for a few weeks to harvest. Equipped with rear or side nests, these strollers help carry plants adjacent to the tanks or grain containers. Recently we had the opportunity to take a bike with some of these old trucks, and it was a tough experience.
During our day plot we were fortunate to run a Ford 76 F-700 with the CI 361 V-8. We also spend time with the “78 Chevy C20 and ‘ 66 GMC complete with unique decorative air clock and no brakes.

They sit at the barns all year round, in the barn or outside. It is common to confuse old trucks that are down and waiting to shred; It’s not the case, even if you don’t run like a new one. “Under the hood of a different load we drove, it was a mash-up of the mechanics of shadow trees to keep them on the road.
“You just have to run one or two miles a few times a year “, says John Carey, a former national Guard mechanic who helps a farmer keep these trucks on the road. “Pliers and Wire-tying can cause miracles so you can run.

Batteries are removed from tractors or vans with cables. Carbohydrates were recovered from traction or removed from the shelves, and the tires were aired in the hope that it would last through the harvest. Brake oil and engine are full or changed, and a good day or better used to try to get the engines back.
These mechanics “fix ” Make an interesting day riding a different truck. The truck has brakes that do not work properly (if at all). The other is the shell, you must have “Soft ” with it. All cars have manual transmission; The two have an extra lever to switch gears on the rear axles at two speeds.

The lack of power steering in the old GMC, along with the size and weight of the load made the driving experience quite memorable. We had more of the “and ” load direction we wanted to go, and broke the gas instead of driving. “The lack of current technology has led to a clean driving experience with many modern cars and missing cars.
With a top speed of about 30 km/h and through the window, we sailed through the streets and camps in western Nebraska and enjoyed the view and scents of the Fall Collection. With a little respect for the weather and all day to get to the wheel, we drive the truck up and down, our only real worry to get fast enough to take us to the next hill. The sound combination was our Radio, the windows of our climate, and the sun caused the warmth of our chairs.
While the new truck certainly has their charms, there is absolutely something clean when it comes to driving an old, classic, medium heavy truck to collect their plants. And even if the prices of maize remain low, except for a few weeks a year, these old trucks will also be operational in the years to come. It’s okay with us. They are pure essence, which is really the work of wheelchairs.