Truck Driving Jobs In Mississippi, 79,000 tons, 700 miles: A day in the life of a truck driver

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Truck Driving Jobs In Mississippi, 79,000 tons, 700 miles: A day in the life of a truck driver-JJ Pugh IV from Macon, MS relies on Jackson’s I-20 Petro truck. Pugh has worked professionally at Klöckner-Metals for 19 years. Monday, August 20, 2018 Sarah Warnock, J Pugh IV Clarion Ledger urged friends to play something that is not being transported in the United States by 18 bikes.

“Aria,” he said.

Pugh laughed and asked, “Do you think hospitals do not have oxygen tanks? How do you think they arrived?

Truck Driving Jobs In Mississippi

Pugh nodded as the green grass came back. “Someone brought it to the grassroom and then it went,” she told her friend.

Kloeckner Metals’ long-term manager at Louisville, Pugh, thought in a telephone interview as he sat on a landing near the Louisiana-Texas line: “You want to be paralyzed in America, remove the forklift, take some more water, food, and gas for a few days.”

“Road transport is literally the engine of our economy,” said Sean McNally, vice-president of the US American Truck Union, and vice-president of public affairs. “Trucks deliver 10.77 billion tonnes of cargo (per year): bread, clothes, cars, gasoline, drugs … literally everything that makes modern life possible.

The main bridges and his wife Trectia own a truck and carry out long-term deliveries with FedEx. The truck was near Shreveport, Louisiana, and returned after Lawrence County three weeks later to Reno, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Kilgore, Texas.

“He had blood, cancer treatment, almost everything he could call,” said the mobile phone head bridge. “And what you do not believe: California sends orange to Florida and Florida to send orange to California.”

With the growth of the truck industry, EE. UU. Look at the driver’s lack. According to the ATA, this figure may rise to 175,000 by 2026.

And the staff is old. The truck driver’s average age is 52 years. The average salary is $ 54,349. “In the long term, our industry needs about 90,000 new drivers annually to continue transport and demand.” “We need to do more for the employment of young people in our industry, including the safe and responsible age of 21 to 18 year old inter-state lorries and minorities, women and veterans.

The entire Mississippi Freight Company, Freight Freight Company Richland, has already sought to overcome the shortage. 19% of his drivers are women. The national average is 7.9.

We talked to four truck drivers from Mississippi. Everyone benefits from their work. They all called for release.

But it is much more demanding than it looks.

“You need a special competition,” says Pugh, “and for 19 years try to find out if I was part of the breed.”

“I do it, drive all day”
Five days a week, sometimes more, Pugh 44 uses steel plates with a strength of 8 meters wide and 20-40 meters in length. They are used among other soldiers, mills and mining companies.

The loaded camera weighs between 76,000 and 79,000 pounds, and the actual limit is 80,000 pounds. The pendant is 53 meters long. Your truck should drive up to 72 km / h. “Do not math,” Pugh said. “I can not leave the truck 100 feet, so it is better to believe that when the pressure is always when I’m back on the steering wheel.

“I drive a car near a children’s school bus, I always look for a line of defense when a car blows tires, ¿I could worsen a street to kill someone, and if someone is seriously injured or is he or she, she lives for the rest of my life even if it is not my fault.

“I’m constantly checking the mirrors and trying to figure out where other vehicles are around me.”

Pugh, who runs from 600 to 700 miles a day, offered two tips for driving a car.

“First, you’re not near 18,” he said. “Go ahead or work, no matter how many mirrors you have, there is a blind spot on either side where I can not see the vehicle.

I can not tell how many people travel 75 miles per hour every day because they drive a big truck and even send sms messages on their bicycles, so seriously. ”

But even the most powerful drivers are not your favorite.

“No, these are pilots that do not take the signal” The left bar blocks miles. “Many pilots turn those who are dependent on the right tire, they do not want to wait for the line.

“Truck drivers do not like it, and when you notice it, we usually stop in the left column by stopping them.

Pugh drives to southeast, but has recently traveled to Arizona and Pennsylvania. He will do everything he can to avoid going to Atlanta or New York. “Too many cars do not have enough obstacles on the road,” he said.

As he drove on large platforms, the rules changed considerably. Also take trucks.

The truck is entitled to a 14-hour working day, only 11 hours drive. You must enter and exit the computer system.

A few years ago, Pugh was “crazy” when most of the trucks had been replaced by standard gearboxes with 13 gears with automatic gearboxes.

“I’m still the norm, and I knew I did not want it automatically,” he said. “But about five miles away, I began to understand everything the first day.”

The car has a GPS. “But you have to be careful, not all the truck’s friends, they will send you to the residential area.”

He still has a book with atlas letters. Last time, he opened it “last year when I was looking for Croom, Texas”.

The camera automatically starts the windscreen when braking.

“But it may also be useful if someone touches me, for example I press the button and the camera flushes for 20 seconds and records what has happened.”

Usually he goes on Monday and returns home on Friday afternoon. She skips the lawn, spends her wife and her six year old daughter and teaches high school students and students in the Sunday School class at Methodist Church in Cookesville, Macon.

“My wife is younger than me,” Pugh said. “She is our only daughter, so I want to lose everything she does, but my wife knew what to do before I got married, so I said,” You think. “I think he himself supervised the truck, but you need a specialist who will take care of the house when you leave.”

Read it freely in time, watch Netflix on iPad and keep up-to-date with satellite software.

“You will not be Enchanted,” he said, “but you live well, I went briefly to Mississippi and realized that the faculty was not for me.

“Let’s do it, run all day, from my office and see the world through the windshield and understand what the car makers do in our country.”

“Lorry is my second home” Loretta Posey is always happy to be home after a month of traveling.

“But two days later I am ready to go,” Posey walked away. “As soon as I got home I was dressed, dressed in my daughter, it was dust and I went up and down the house.” I can not stay calm. I have to do something because I work at the age of 16. When I’m ready for this week, I want to go on the road again. ”

Posey, 58, grew up in Taylorsville and graduated from Collins, worked in Hattiesburg for 13 years after her divorce in 1995.

“The factory was shut down (2008), and I did not know what to do,” he said.

A friend called a school gear.

“First,” said Posey, “but when I thought about it, I wanted to try it.”

For his tenth year as a remote instructor, Posey works at Century Dedicated, Inc. Cottondale, Alabama. He traveled almost to the west of Mississippi.

“Whenever I say to people, to drive a big truck

But I love my job, truck is my second home. I have seen places that I never thought I would see. It is cool, except when machines cut me.

And although things have improved from the beginning, Posey said that drivers still have problems.

“Not all pilots, but some do not just tell me because I’m a woman,” he said. “This is an environment you can hear and I do not dare to bring a CB radio.” As soon as they hear the voice of a woman, it is a “baby” and “we will do it”.

Posey’s daughters, living in Houston, Texas, have a phone application that will follow the development of their mother.

“You know where I am when I drive when I am arrested,” said Posey, who moved to Texas in 2012. “And I want you to know that as a woman I take extra precautions.

“One of the most important things to find a parking space at night, I could not think it was a problem, but if you can not get to the truck at about 7.00 am, you may need a less secure parking area.”

Posey does not know how long it will be for the wheel.

“When I started, I said I would probably do it for a while,” he said. “I can cancel my job, and I will be an assistant at Walmart, or maybe I have a job for safety.

“But I could go further and do something else that could really disturb me.”

“It can only be a job”
It is a bit better to give the truck a name than the main bridges.

“Yes, this name has always attracted attention,” he said. “I was already in the reserve (army) and they called me the main bread, the main mistake, and people still love it.

“But it also works for me, people can not remember their faces, but they will remember my name.”

It started in 1992, “because I had a daughter and I knew it would be a normal job.”

Trectia was in her second year of care when she was overwhelmed by pneumonia.

“I missed so many lessons that I had to repeat this year,” he said. “When I got sick again, when I was healthy, one day I called the truck school when my husband came home and told reporters that Trectia got a commercial license in 2000 and since then the couple went hand in hand,

“Our personality clicks and that is the only reason why it works,” said the chief. “If we do not share something, we will discuss it.”

“But it is very different to be here with us, it can be a task that we can carry out one by one.

I am usually in a small town called Silver Creek, only one week in the month at home.

“Driving like us is not for everyone,” Trectia said. “We miss a lot of our nephew’s things, but we talk to her and her daughters every day and usually with FaceTime, once a week.

“I love the freedom that allows us to do, there is no one outside my wife who puts my emphasis on it.”

They have developed a system that keeps the truck on the road 20 hours a day: Trectia is a driver from 6 am to 6 pm and the master makes a night shift.

“It helps us to drive twice as fast as people traveling alone,” he said.

They spend time listening to the satellite radio. Trectia prefers music. Major likes Radio Classics, which broadcasts old radio programs. And listen to ministers like Joel Osteen.

However, the highest numbers in 1992 were the same: “The day is not the same as I know it sounds crazy to people, but here it is different every day, changing the scene, changing the time,

“We were in Oregon a few years ago, drove this mountain, snowed and froze, ten miles later we went down the hill and the weather was good.

“When Trectia arrived with huge snow in Wyoming, they cleared the way, but the snow almost came to the side of the car, it was like a snow tunnel, it was fun, but it was really weird,

“You will not see him in Mississippi, these days make me move forward, you never know what will happen in the next round.”

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