Starting A Trucking Company, 79,000 tons, 700 miles: A day in the life of a truck driver

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Starting A Trucking Company, 79,000 tons, 700 miles: A day in the life of a truck driver-J J Pugh IV Macon, MS supports his platform before Petro Truck goes to I-20 Jacksons. Pugh has worked professionally at Klöckner-Metals for 19 years. On Monday, August 20, 2018. Sarah Warnock, Clarion Ledger, Pugh IV led his friend to play something he did not bring on an 18-wheeler boat in America.

“Aria,” he said.

Pugh laughed and asked, “They do not believe the oxygen tanks in hospitals, how do you think they got there?”

Pugh nodded to the green grass. “Somebody brought it to the grass farm and then moved,” he told a friend.

Starting A Trucking Company

For Kloeckner Metals Louisville long distance drivers, Pugh offered a phone call announcement that he was in a bus stop near Texas’s Louisiana line. “They want the US to shut down the truck completely and take a few days to stop water, food and fuel.

“Barter is literally the blood of the economy,” says Sean McNally, vice president of public affairs of the Truck Association, and spokesman. “The trucks carry 10.7 billion tons of cargo (per year) – bread, clothes, cars, gasoline, medicine … literally everything that makes modern life possible.”

The main bridges and his wife Trectia are small trucks and FedEx. They were close to Shreveport, Louisiana, and Reno, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Kilgore returned home to Lawrence County’s three-week-old babies.

“I have blood, cancer repair, almost what I can name,” said Brigadier General Bridges. “Here’s what you do not think – California sends Florida oranges and oranges from Florida to California.”

Because of the growing importance of road traffic, the United States has suffered from a lack of drivers. According to the ATA, this figure may rise to 175,000 by 2026.

And the staff is old. The average age of a truck driver is 52. The average wage is $ 54 349. In the long term, our industry needs to adapt some 90,000 new drivers annually to increase retirement and demand. “McNally said we need to do more to hire young people in the field, an office responsible for 21-18 year transnational traffic and more communication with minorities and women and our defenders to work.”

Mississippi freight companies, the Richland freight company, which was already in the process of tackling efforts. 19% of his drivers are women; The national average is 7.9.

We talked to four truck drivers from Mississippi. Everyone loves work. Everyone mentions freedom while driving.

But it is much more demanding than it looks.

“This requires a special competition,” Pugh said, “and I’m trying to find out 19 years, olenkinko part of this race.”

“I do it, drive all day”
Five days a week, sometimes and more, Pugh 44 aged 44, steel plates with a strength of 8 feet wide and 20-40 feet. They are used among other soldiers, mills and mining companies.

The weight of the equipment is 76 000-79 000 kg and the actual limit is 80 000. His trailer is 53 meters long. The truck is designed for up to 72 miles per hour. “Prepare it,” Pugh said. “I can not leave the truck 100 feet, so it is better to believe that full pressure comes, when I’m on the steering wheel.

“Guido close to the school-age vehicles I have always tried my defense, when the plane burst rubber, which could take the way to kill someone, if someone is hurt really bad …?” Or even worse I had to live all my life, even though I was not my fault.

“I’m constantly checking the mirrors and trying to figure out where other vehicles are around me.”

Pugh, who traveled 600 to 700 miles a day, offered two tips for car drivers.

“First, you’re not near 18,” he said. “Whether you are going or bills, no matter how much I am, on either side, it’s a blind place near where I see there is no vehicle.

“And two phones out of the car, I can watch cars because they go, I do not know how to start, how many people are driving 75 miles an hour a day, like a big truck and text messages are not going to drive

Read it freely in time, watch Netflix on iPad and keep up-to-date with satellite software.

“You will not be Enchanted,” he said, “but you live well, I went briefly to Mississippi and realized that the faculty was not for me.

“Let’s do it, run all day, from my office and see the world through the windshield and understand what the car makers do in our country.”

“Forklift is my second home”
After a month, Loretta Posey is always happy to see her home.

“But two days later I am ready to go,” Posey walked away. “As soon as I got home I was dressed, dressed in my daughter, it was dust and I went up and down the house.” I can not stay calm. I have to do something because I work at the age of 16. When I’m ready for this week, I want to go on the road again. ”

Posey, 58, grew up in Taylorsville and graduated from Collins, worked in Hattiesburg for 13 years after her divorce in 1995.

“The factory was shut down (2008), and I did not know what to do,” he said.

A friend called a school gear.

“First,” said Posey, “but when I thought about it, I wanted to try it.”

For his tenth year as a remote instructor, Posey works at Century Dedicated, Inc. Cottondale, Alabama. He traveled almost to the west of Mississippi.

“Whenever I tell people that the life of that big truck, they say,” What are you doing? “Men and women are treated and say they are proud of me and many women say they are too scared to try it.” “But I love my job.” The truck is my second home, I have seen places that I never thought to see, it is quiet, except when cars are off.

And although things have improved from the platform, Posey said that drivers still have problems.

“Not all pilots, but some do not tell me, because I am a woman,” he said. “This is the environment you hear and I’m afraid of bringing CB radio.” As soon as they hear the voice of a woman, it is “baby” and “we do it”.

Posey’s daughters who live in Houston, Texas are phone applications that follow her mother’s development.

“You know where I am when I drive when I’m arrested,” said Posey, who moved to Texas in 2012. “And I want you to know that as a woman I take extra precautions.

“One of the most important ways to find a parking lot at night is, I could not think it was a problem, but if you can not get into the truck at about 7.00, you may need a less secure parking area.”

Posey does not know how long it is to the bike.

“When I started, I said that I would probably do it for some time,” he said. “I can cancel my job, and I’m a Walmart assistant, or I have job security.

“But I could go further and do something else that could really interfere with me.”

“It can only be a job”
It is a bit better to give the truck a name than you can access.

“Yes, this name has always attracted attention,” he said. “I was already in stock (army) and they called me the most important bread, the main mistake, and people still love it.

“But it also works for me, people do not remember their faces, but they remember my name.”

It started in 1992, “because I had a daughter and I knew it would be a normal job.”

Trectia was in her second year of treatment when she was on pneumonia.

“I missed so many lessons that I had to play this year,” he said. “When I was sick again when I was finally recovered, I called to the transportation school when my husband arrived and told him the news, Rectia received the service figure in 2000 and a few ago traveled together,

“Personality clicks and that’s the only reason why it works,” said the chief. “If we do not share something, we’ll discuss it.”

“But it is very different to be here with us, it can be a task we can do one at a time.

I’m usually a small town called Silver Creek, just one month at home