Ford Truck Apparel, Boutique trucks cruise Cleveland with on-trend, affordable fashions: Cleveland Flea

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Ford Truck Apparel, Boutique trucks cruise Cleveland with on-trend, affordable fashions: Cleveland Flea-CLEVELAND, Ohio – “I bought it from the back of the truck,” most Cleveland fashionmakers have not talked about their clothes … just recently. Urban trucks have recently reached the city, where numerous appear in Cleveland Fleam, other local festivals and private parties.

The truck is a good idea. It was impossible for our local culinary show, so why not buy new affordable clothes? Stores can be expensive and unbeatable. Garage cars can be used for all types of events, such as lunch at a business park or for bookmaking.

It seems that the best place to try is Cleveland Flea, our small business incubator. During the last three months four or five wastes have been made. At the arrival of the July chip, we decided to look closer to trucks and their bids.

Ford Truck Apparel

On request, all truck owners got friendly competition as if they had become sisterhood. Every lorry has something new to offer, and most are miniature with affordable and affordable marriages. Each of them has small bags and jewelery with handfuls of cards, candles, pillows and more. We have contacted five locally owned truck owners for more information on our company and where they can be found later. They are a handful box, foundry types, large pockets, Maplewood Boutique and Cleveland Tower.


Owner: Caroline Dengel, 27, says his special striped and turquoise truck is the first urban mobile phone.

Start: I started to fly in 2013 and traveled by truck in 2014. I wanted to bring something new and fresh to Cleveland when I left New York.

Why a truck? This fits my lifestyle. I want to go to their customers instead of giving them to me. I also like other small businesses in the area to create pop-up windows and fundraising.

Truck: The FedEx truck has been converted to trucks to deliver cookies. I found it in the Craigslist.

Bids: All I use is very nice and the best part to throw songs. I also have some private signs in Hawaii and Utah as well as some local products.

Price: All on a truck is less than $ 60.

Your customer: every woman! Occupied women who want to look together without too much trouble. Mothers, students and experts. I want to use songs that can go from day to day. The foundry of art:

Owner: Megan Moran, 25, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. It also offers a personal style.

Start: In 2017 I added a mobile trading project to simplify the cycle and customers. After they have locked up a bunch of busy professionals, tell them what to do and what to do and show them how they can take what they have, they can take the truck home for shopping. Why a forklift: By working with your own customers, the mobile is logical. Save time to customers and it is cheaper for them. You can soothe your wardrobe and fill it comfortably home without having to worry about parking at a mall.

Truck: There was nothing special, just a commercial vehicle.

Tenders: You will find temporary work clothes; These dresses suit you for work or evening gathering and are dressed for daily use. Price: tops and jackets from $ 42- $ 58, jackets and jackets $ 42- $ 155, jeans and pants $ 66- $ 120, $ 10- $ 18, $ 20- $ 50 jewelery and handbags.

Your customer: female entrepreneurs usually have between 35 and 55 years.

Next stop: I am a Cleveland Flea throughout the summer, where you can book to go to the office to buy through this link:

Connections: The website is or @stylefoundrycle for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Owner: Jennifer McPaul, 35, is a pied-de-poule pattern and plans a truck.

Get started: I started a truck in 2014 when I was visiting my friend on the east coast and got inspired by the trendy truck that went to Baltimore and DC. In Ohio, we did not have a trendy truck, so I knew I would do something. I’ve always wanted to open a store. I chose the name and everything, except my career, I’ve never brought the details or the road ahead. Instead, I got the right diploma. After seeing these trucks on the east coast, I made the assessment of the subject matter and the answers to my questions before I started this idea. There was no manual for launching a trendy truck. The country was fairly small in the Western countries of the Middle East and has little or no knowledge of the success of a business model or the return on investment. But I worked hard and saved money and decided to leave. At first I did not tell many people because I did not want anyone to accept my idea, and I did not want to think it first. After studying Craigslist and other road transport, I bought a truck and I had the immediate next challenge. I had to find out where to keep it, how to fix it, fix it, fix it, take out insurance, buy an LLC and a vendor license, and find out where I can buy a store.

Because the truck was: I knew that opening the truck was something I could do, which may not be as important as opening a stone. Everyone who knew there was a lot of work. Although truck owners do not have the same burden as ordinary owners, we need to think about truck maintenance, car parks, event mapping and all the costs associated with these issues. Some people may not know this, but we have a marketing authorization and are responsible for both VAT and other businesses. I learned more than I could imagine when I opened and led the company. I am a human actor. Customers often wondered how the truck moved and I was driving. I’m the leader, social media person, accountant, customer, marketing department and everything else. Truck: Alliance is used in an Ohio computer company.

Offers: women’s fashion and accessories. Each song has been selected on different markets across the country or the Los Angeles Fashion Area. I buy the season and want to save the truck with bright patterns and paintings just like the truck itself. Something about lace, cow, peas or pieces with one single detail is usually considered to be a forklift truck. I also love playful models, so if you’re looking for a pink dress or flamenco, you’re likely to be in the truck.

Price: All is under $ 65. The average currency is $ 30-40.

Your customer: women are looking for fashion and fashion and want to buy something spontaneously. The same things are unlikely to come to the truck next time you buy it.

Next stop: July 13 Cleveland Flea. You can also arrange a private fun ride by sending a message to Facebook or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] MAPLE AQUARIUM:

Owner: Liz DeCarlo, 33 and Kristin Beynon, 34, bring the Cleveland Wheel store. Start: Friendship and fashion love began in 2006 when we were at the Kent State University Fashion School. Trading and thrill with others has always been our dream. After graduation, we became heirs and moved to Maplewood Street in Cuyahoga Falls. Everything started here and the name was born. This moment was not good to pull the trigger, but we never gave up on the concept. Almost ten years later our dream came when we launched Maplewood’s boutique in the spring of 2018.

Why a forklift: The inspiration for creating a mobile business has been shown on the display of these tasty shops across the country. We love the idea to reach a diverse clientele in Ohio north east. We talked a lot about ideas, cars, traffic information, opening a trade or opening a small event with a new tent. For many reasons, we thought the truck would be a good decision to expand our business. Trolleys for events and private parties are so unique and fun that people are always interested in talking to us about the concept. Lorry: a few months after the search for trucks we bought a 14-inch Craigslist truck. The truck has an interesting story, the man bought the USPS truck and failed. He just brought his diesel engine to find out he did not have gas. Kristin’s husband David Beynon has made us a complete reconstruction. Liz lived in Florida and spent several hours talking to FaceTime and talked about the visions and what we expected in our shop.

Bids: We offer you the best clothing and accessories for women with a modern and classic accent. A friendly and inexpensive shopping environment is paramount and we help others find their own style and feel good about what they are using.

Price: We have a set of price levels, $ 5 from idle for $ 80 costume or suit. We believe it is important to maintain quality and competitive prices. We think that people have a lot of experience in the event, find the best things and buy them, because it does not matter which price is too high.

Your customer: we focus on women aged 20 to 30, but it’s always exciting to let customers of all ages find what they love!

Owner: Gabe Taxman, 30, is the most interesting truck. Their offer is less elegant and more like Cleveland, but their truck stands out and is well worth a visit.

Getting Started: The Cleveland tour was founded in 2015 and is a clothing company that runs all of Cleveland’s art and culture. We traveled by truck in 1941 and encouraged the community to follow our steps and explore the “core of everything.” My hope is to encourage other people out of their lives at a fast pace, slowing down their surrounding price. We try to share our best with Cleveland by supporting and promoting Cleveland’s best shopping and excellent food and beer. Why a forklift: I wanted to build something from a shirt brand. This forklift truck met me and I knew it was the perfect combination of what I wanted. The truck is an excellent way to communicate with the community.

Truck: The truck was the first postman and soon began the Second World War.

Offers: T-shirts, jackets, T-shirts, hats, cups, posters, stickers and bags. Design and print all in our studios.

Price: $ 5- $ 85 Your customer: Who supports local artists and shares passion for Cleveland and art.

Next stop: Visit the Cleveland Tower’s summer tour website for a current list of events such as Cleveland buffaloes, market and night market events and much more.

Links: and Instagram @tourdecle


What: Four Six Seasons Cleveland Fleam with Sellers Sell Everything, including Good Food, Vintage Food, Advertising, Jewelry, Plants, Antiques, Clothes, Accessories, Furniture and Other Fresh Waste with Pulse Bar, which is done monthly. The event that is being held is always a good day.

Where: 3615 Superior Avenue, Cleveland. Find St. Clair’s entrance ends up east on 36th Street.

When: Saturday 14 July

Mention: $ 1

Opening hours: 9 am-4pm

Seller: Buha always produces between 140 and 170 vendors and food loads in different categories.

Upcoming Programs: The open season ends on August 11, 8 September and 13 October. More information is available at