225 75r15 Truck Tires, Tire Tech Tire Size Guide


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225 75r15 Truck Tires – The tire dimension branded on the sidewall supplies a substantial quantity of details about the tire’s designated purpose, dimensions, load ability and high temperature/high speed longevity. Our key instance will certainly be based on variations of the 225/50R16 size, although other dimensions will certainly show up where suitable.

” The tire dimension branded on the sidewall supplies a substantial amount of info about the tire’s intended purpose, dimensions, lots ability and high temperature/high speed longevity.”

Service Type, A lot of tire dimensions begin with a letter or letters that determine the kind of lorry and/or type of solution for which they were designed. The common indicators are as adheres to: ST225/75R15, ST = If a tire dimension begins with “ST,” it signifies the tire is a “Special Trailer Solution” size that was developed to just be used on watercraft, auto or utility trailers. ST-sized tires ought to never ever be utilized on cars and trucks, vans or light vehicles.

Area Width. Following the letter(s) that identify the kind of automobile and/or sort of service for which the tire was created, the three-digit numerical part recognizes the tire’s “Area Size” (random sample) in millimeters.

225 75r15 Truck Tires

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