15 Inch Truck Tires, Dump truck spill closes State Road 429 in Winter Garden


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15 Inch Truck Tires, Dump truck spill closes State Road 429 in Winter Garden-Winter Garden, Florida. The truck will be dropped off at Orange County on Wednesday morning, turning the sand around and closing off the main road.

The event took place at 5.45 am on the street 429 north, near the county 535 south of the Florida Turnpike. Traces of the North S.R. 429 are closed. According to Patrol Motorway, a 43-year-old Minnea, a 43-year-old man from Minnea, passed the construction of the North, as the forklift trucks reached their shoulders with a depth of nearly 12 feet. Inches.

The driver drew to the right and the truck turned and turned over the sand.

15 Inch Truck Tires

The FHP said the matter should be “removed”. The military did not accuse the driver, who was slightly injured and taken to the Orland Regional Medical Center.